There’s a lot to learn about what makes the United States 十大靠谱网赌游戏 unique. 从一般问题到学院经历的具体方面, 你可以在这里找到答案.


The Academy uses the class system rather than the equivalent designation characteristic of civilian universities. The comparison is: fourth-class = freshman; third-class = sophomore; second-class = junior; first-class = senior.


是的,它们是. 联邦所得税预扣税, state tax (if applicable) and FICA (federal payroll tax for social security and Medicare) are deducted from cadet pay. 每个学员必须提交适当的联邦和州纳税申报表.

我有纹身,烙印或者穿孔. 我可以被录取吗??

在纹身的时候, brand or body marking does not automatically disqualify you from consideration, it must meet the standards outlined in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2903: 纹身, brands or body markings anywhere on the body that are indecent; commonly associated with gangs, extremist and supremacist organizations; advocate sexual, 种族, ethnic or religious discrimination; or project an improper military or cadet image are prohibited. 纹身, 手上有烙印或身体标记, head, 脖子, 脸, 舌头, 嘴唇, 眼睛和头皮是禁止的, 除非AFI 36-2903允许. 你可以查阅AFI 36-2903,第3章,了解更多信息. 如果给你一个约会机会,你接受了, you will have to complete AF Form 4428 with your Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) disclosing information on your tattoo(s)/brand(s)/body marking(s), 比如位置, 规模和意义. The form will be maintained in your personnel file throughout your Air Force career.

我有个孩子. 我听说我必须在去美国前放弃监护权.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏. 为什么?

应用ing students (and current cadets) who have had a child (maternity or paternity) must provide a court order stating they have NO parental rights to the child whatsoever. This is different from just giving family members a power of attorney or temporary custody. The court order must indicate total and complete relinquishment of parental rights. Parental rights must be given to someone while you are a cadet for several reasons. 基本原理包括, 但不限于, all cadets are required to live in the dorms all four years; your stipend is not enough to provide for the needs of a child (it is plenty to cover your needs); and the cadet lifestyle is a demanding one and your attention will need to be focused on your task at hand, 不是你的孩子. 你在美国期间也可能没有配偶.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏.

I have special religious requirements (dietary restrictions, clothing, jewelry, observances, etc.). 我能被允许在军官学校和空军部队练习吗?

It is Department of Defense (DoD) policy that any requests for accommodation of religious practices should be approved by the commanders, given that such accommodation will not have an adverse impact on military readiness, 团队凝聚力, 标准或纪律. 另外, if there are health or safety concerns, accommodation may not be possible (e.g., 学员可能被要求摘掉所有的首饰, 信教与否, (在训练中通过障碍赛道时). 在学院以及整个空军和太空部队, 尊重宗教信仰自由和个人信仰自由, 以及言论自由, except as must be limited by compelling military necessity (with such limitations being imposed in the least-restrictive manner feasible). 牧师在这些问题上公正地建议指挥官. 关于宗教服饰, 公法100-180, Section 508 (reference C) states that members of the Armed Forces may wear religious items or articles not visible or otherwise apparent with the uniform, provided they do not interfere with the performance of the member’s military duties nor with the proper wearing of any authorized article of the uniform. Whether an item of religious apparel interferes with the member’s military duty performance depends on its characteristics, the circumstances of its intended wear and the particular nature of the member’s duties. 然而, hair and grooming practices required or observed by religious groups are not included within the meaning of religious apparel. If you have further questions regarding the accommodation of specific religious practices, 请随时与学院牧师办公室联系.


所有的学员都要经历一个四年的发展过程, 叫做军官发展制度, where each class receives training commensurate with their level of cadet experience. 训练是艰苦的,在美国的第一年.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏你的空闲时间将非常有限. It is designed for a definite purpose: to teach you to accomplish delegated tasks in a professional and proficient manner, thus paving the way for progression to becoming an upper-class cadet and ultimately becoming an officer of character. Cadets develop leadership and command skills throughout their four years at the U.S. 随着他们的进步,他们承担了更多的责任. 随着学员承担更多的责任, 他们对如何度过空闲时间的限制也更少. 同样的, 在你四年级的春季学期, there is some relaxation of the restrictions in order to prepare you for greater privileges and different responsibilities in the third-class year.


不,学者是对混乱办的辅助和补充. 学院的使命是集中的, 旨在通过军事培养有品格的领导人的集中过程, 学术和体育方面的努力. 你在所有领域的进步都将在四年中被仔细监控.


草根项目, 成立于1969年, was designed for cadets to spread information about the Academy during their Thanksgiving vacations. 以自愿为基础, 学员们在家乡的高中做演讲, provide materials to newspapers and arrange for interviews with TV and radio stations. This effort is still in progress and shows local high school students successful Academy cadets while they are still in the commissioning process. 另外, our Discover USAFA campus admissions events include a guided tour by current cadets as well as a presentation given by recent graduates.


猎鹰具有典型的美国特色.S. 空军般的速度,优雅的飞行,勇气,机警和高贵的举止. Several prairie falcons, which are native to Colorado, are housed at the Academy. 由训鹰员训练, the prairie falcons perform demonstrations during half-time activities at football games. 学院的校际运动队被称为猎鹰队.

美国大学的学费是多少.S. 十大靠谱网赌游戏?

参加该学院不需要支付任何费用. 然而,你将被要求在美国服役.S. 空军或太空部队一段时间,这取决于你的职业.


您将在门户网站上收到通知. Regular selections normally take place at the end of February and the beginning of March.


A mentor Admissions Liaison Officer will be assigned once you complete your Pre-candidate Questionnaire. 您将在门户中找到他们的联系信息. 一旦你被移到候选人状态, you will be assigned a counseling team and will find their contact information in your portal.


在您完成候选人前调查问卷之前,不会分配alo. 然后,您将在门户中找到他们的联系信息.

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