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Physical Requirements

Prove Your Strength

The United States Air Force Academy doesn’t just demand strength of mind and character, it requires a strong body. In order to be a competitive applicant, you must be able to prove you are fit to meet the physical demands ingrained in Academy life.

Basic Cadet Training

Physical fitness is an integral part of attending the Academy, especially during Basic Cadet Training (BCT) and the fourth-class (freshman) year. Therefore, satisfactory completion of the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) is an important admissions requirement.

This test of strength, agility, speed and endurance is designed to help determine whether you possess the stamina required to successfully complete the physical program at the Academy.

Candidate Fitness Assessment

In order to qualify for admission, you must take the CFA. Become familiar with the six events in the CFA and practice them to score well. The events are administered consecutively with specified start, finish and rest times.

Although the CFA is pass-fail, it is imperative that you perform to the best of your ability on each of these events:

  • Basketball Throw
  • Pull-ups/Flexed Arm Hang
  • Shuttle Run
  • Modified Sit-ups (crunches)
  • Push-ups
  • One-mile Run

You should remember that your score is a combination of your best efforts on each of the six events.

Competitive Scores

Before taking the CFA, it’s recommended to practice each exercise in order to meet and hopefully exceed the averages for each event

Exercise Men Avg Women Avg
Basketball Throw 69' 42'
Pull-ups 12 2
Flexed Arm Hang (women) N/A 31 sec
Shuttle Run 8.1 sec 9.4 sec
Modified Sit-ups (crunches) 81 78
Push-ups 62 41
One-mile Run 6:29 7:30

Finding an Examiner

Your examination may be administered by any physical education teacher, Service Academy Liaison Officer or JROTC instructor. Any active duty commissioned officer may administer the CFA for service members. It is your responsibility to arrange for a qualified person to conduct your examination.


More Information

Candidates who have taken the CFA as an applicant for the U.S. Military Academy or U.S. Naval Academy are not required to retest for the Air Force Academy. The three service academies require the same six-event CFA. If you have already taken the CFA for Army or Navy, ask them to send or fax us a copy of the exam.

Any questions the examiner or candidate may have regarding this examination should be addressed to:

Admissions Office
United States Air Force Academy
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2400
USAF Academy, CO

Phone: 1-800-443-9266