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Let’s Meet

If You Have Questions, Come Get Answers

We offer several ways to connect with the United States Air Force Academy. Our outreach programs can help you determine whether the Academy is right for you as well as help you make your application as competitive as possible. Sign up for an in-person tour or virtual event to get an in-depth look at campus and Admissions processes. Both feature live Q&A sessions with recently graduated lieutenants. If you’d like to see the base, but aren’t interested in attending, or do not have a school-aged person in your group, sign up for a self-guided windshield tour of the base to see areas of interest. You will not have a live brief or access to the airfield or cadet area but will get a good overview of what we have to offer.

Please be aware, tours are limited in size and fill up fast, especially over summer months.

Let’s Talk

Throughout the year, representatives from the U.S. Air Force Academy participate in college fairs, visit high schools or speak at community centers across the nation. These events are great opportunities to learn more about what the Academy has to offer.

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Visit the Academy

If you are interested in pursuing an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy and plan to visit the campus, you may wish to participate in a Discover USAFA Tour.

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See Our Tradition for Yourself

The U.S. Air Force Academy is located 55 miles south of Denver and eight miles north of Colorado Springs. Find out about convenient travel options and nearby destinations to explore during your visit to the Academy.

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